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How To Apply For An Enterprise Ireland Grant

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If you believe your company has an innovative idea but needs funding for testing feasibility or for R&D, or you seek to work on collaborative projects, Enterprise Ireland’s grants may be able to help.

Any type of business in Ireland can apply for a grant, and there are plenty of types to choose from. Many companies could benefit from applying for an Enterprise Ireland grant, from start-ups to multi-national corporations, due to the variety of grants available. SMEs can even use an online tool to find which of the 170 supports will be best suited to their business.

Enterprise Ireland is a government agency focused on the growth of Irish companies, especially those which move away from commercialisation. Though they offer a range of services, including workshops and global connections, their grants are equally important, creating opportunities for Irish companies to expand in world markets. Supporting regional development and economic growth is at the heart of their mission.

The application process differs in time, effort and requirements per type of grant. For example, the Research, Development & Innovation Fund requires more hours of work than the streamlined process for the Agile Innovation Fund. The decision time and the type of payment equally depends on the funding programme.

The assessors for the applications differ as well; for example, the RD&I Fund has a committee comprising the chairperson, three representatives from Enterprise Ireland, six private sector members, representatives from other departments and various other highly regarded members of the field. Thus, the type of funding programme applied for dictates much of the application. However, the success stories follow a similar pattern:

  • They are innovative at the core, creating something new and unseen on the market
  • They are convincing in their description of a company that is likely to succeed
  • They thoroughly describe the business opportunity, providing some context for a project
  • They clearly understand the market and the project’s target audience and its competitors

Myriad Associates can help with your grant application. We take care of your application from the first step through to its submission, including writing the application and even monitoring compliance following your success after applying. If you feel your company could benefit from Enterprise Ireland’s grants, do not hesitate to get in touch.

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