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Daften Die-Casting Ltd

Myriad Associates were recommended to us by a precision tooling company and we’ve been delighted with their approach and expertise. Myriad Associates managed the entire R&D tax credits claim for us from start to finish and only required 2 to 3 hours of our time.

Mark Weedon
Commercial Director, Daften Die-Casting Ltd

Daften Die-Casting Ltd is a UK based specialist aluminium pressure die-casting manufacturer, providing a full in-house service offering that includes tool and component design, tooling manufacture, machine finishing and powder coating.

Company: Daften Die-Casting Ltd
Sector: Manufacturing Industry
Eligible R&D Project Value: £300k
Location: Wadebridge, Cornwall
Number of Employees: 39

The opportunity

Daften Die-Casting is at the forefront of aluminium pressure die casting and continually make significant investments into people, state of the art equipment and processes. Daften Die-Casting were unaware that their development activities qualified for R&D tax credits.

The process

Daften Die Casting

Myriad Associates undertook a site tour before thoroughly reviewing all of Daften Die-Casting’s potential development projects. Myriad immediately identified considerable levels of eligible R&D activities that qualified for R&D tax credits.

Myriad Associates' Technical Consultants then interviewed Daften Die-Casting’s technical staff and produced very accurate and detailed technical reports. Meanwhile, Myriad Associates' qualified Cost Accountants analysed Daften Die-Casting’s cost base to capture all claimable R&D expenditure.

The R&D Tax Relief claim was submitted to HMRC for review together with the relevant revised tax returns and computations.

The reward

Myriad Associates ensured that the R&D tax credits claim was processed and reviewed by HMRC within 4 weeks.

Daften Die-Casting were rewarded with a well deserved Corporation Tax Refund. They will be investing this refund back into the business to support on-going development and growth plans.

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