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Silvertoad Ltd
Silvertoad Ltd

Myriad Associates are professional, efficient and very cost effective.

Toma Habashi
Managing Director, Silvertoad Ltd

Silvertoad are an award-winning specialist media agency based in Bedfordshire.

Silvertoad provide a vast range of digital and traditional communication services which includes creative graphic design, web design and application development.

Company: Silvertoad Ltd
Sector: Software Industry
Eligible R&D Project Value: £200k
Location: Luton, Bedfordshire
Number of Employees: 10

The opportunity

Silvertoad were introduced to Myriad Associates by one of their existing clients Eximium.

Following an in-depth discussion, Silvertoad’s potential to make an R&D tax credits claim was identified and the claiming process initiated.

The process

Myriad Associates undertook a review of Silvertoad’s technical projects to establish which development activities met the HMRC and BIS guidelines.

Myriad’s Technical Consultant then conducted brief technical interview with Silvertoad’s Managing Director and Lead Developer, before producing very accurate technical reports.

Myriad Associates came in, they helped us identify what was and what wasn’t eligible for R&D tax credits. They then conducted a 45 minute technical interview, went away and came back with a very detailed and accurate technical report.

Toma Habashi, Managing Director, Silvertoad Ltd

Myriad’s qualified Cost Accountant worked with Silvertoad’s Finance team to attribute all qualifying costs to the R&D projects and then produced a costing schedule, which forms an integral part of the R&D tax credits claim.

The reward

Peace of mind that future R&D tax credits claims will be fully optimised by an R&D tax relief expert that specialises in software development claims.

Myriad Associates’s proven 5-Step Process ensures that Silvertoad’s time involvement in the R&D tax credits claim was limited to just a few hours, which enables them to continue with their R&D projects.

I’m eternally grateful to Barrie Dowsett as an individual and Myriad Associates as a business for what they’ve done for us.

Toma Habashi, Managing Director, Silvertoad Ltd

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